The School Life and Education Museum of the National Centre for Research and Preservation of School Material (EKEDISY) vision and aim is to preserve the historical memory through the conservation, research and study of the history of education and schools. It is operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Religious Affairs and collaborates with organizations, institutions and universities that share the same objectives and ideals.

The Museum is housed in a traditional, listed, neoclassical building of the 19th century with exceptional ceiling paintings, located at the oldest street of Athens, Tripodon Street.

Among the Museum of School Life and Education collections there are schoolbooks, archives and school material covering a period of four (17th-20th) centuries. There is also a significant number of textbooks from around the world (France, Germany, England, America, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, Peru, Japan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Zaire, Korea).  The Museum’s exhibition offers the visitor an insight into the history of education in Greece through school publications, school maps and educational material. The old classroom will transport you to the Greek schools of the previous century. During your tour, you will have the opportunity to browse the history of Greek educational history and school textbooks, “wear” the [old] blue school uniform, interact with school life objects and sit back on the old wooden school desks.


The School Life and Education Museum conducts:

  • Educational programs for schools.
  • Training courses and workshops for children of all ages and parents every weekend.
  • Guided tours to groups of adults, students, clubs with simultaneous projections.
  • Tours to selected monuments and historical sites of Plaka (can be performed in groups of more than 5 persons on request in Greek and English).
  • Workshops and training programs for teachers and educational courses for adults.
  • Cultural events, art exhibitions, theatre performances, book presentations, and lectures.
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