The secrets of the Caryatids – An evening tour at the Acropolis Museum 

Friday March 2nd, 18:00

Join us in an unforgettable night tour, of the most famous museum in the world, the New Acropolis Museum.
In a two-hour private tour, you can discover another face of the New Acropolis Museum, bathed in the colours of the attic sunset and you will enjoy a side of the city of Athens by night.
Small but also big secrets will be revealed as the history journey will take you back thousands of years. You will learn the secrets of the Caryatids, admire the metopes of the Parthenon, the statues of Kore and Kouros and the colourful statues.
At the end, having coffee or tea (or enjoying a delicious 3 course dinner) at the restaurant of the New Acropolis Museum you will have the chance to admire the most famous monument all over the world, the Parthenon, as it will be bathed in the magical colours of the night and the impressive lighting.



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