HEROES focuses the pedagogical issues linked to the relevance of Cultural Heritage Education, combining some of the main concepts included in the Faro Convention (27.X.2005) with the priorities established by Erasmus+ about the social and educational value of EU cultural heritage as contribution to social cohesion, economic growth and job creation.

It aims to improve and strengthen the synergies between Educational System and Cultural Heritage Education.

General project objectives and goals

To create an innovative participatory approach to cultural heritage, shared at eu level, that encourages intercultural dialogue among teachers and pupils and fosters students’ critical thinking, self-empowerment and civil awareness.

To develop the heroes model for cultural heritage education, adding to the traditional school teaching a fresher and more interactive approach based on peer relationships, improving the interactions among formal and non-formal education in a life wide learning perspective.

Specific project objectives

Promote interactions among cultural educators of museums and school staff, fostering their mutual exchange and the permeability between different education and training pathways;

Encourage teaching staff to positively combine formal and non-formal learning for cultural heritage education, fostering learners’ motivation and gaining more effective outcomes;

Make adolescents protagonist of their knowledge path and -more widely- of their own growth, enabling their learning success;

Limit the possible arising ESL dynamics especially among those students with complex background, engaging them with Cultural Heritage Education as value and personal way of emancipation.

Add to the concepts of youth participation and wide access to the common European cultural heritage also the concept of ACCESSIBILITY of this heritage.

All Model’s educative practices will include activities which pay attention also to special needs, underlining the innate value of inclusivity of these specific contents for society.

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