Discovering the Secrets of the Acropolis Museum

Guided Tour, Friday July 7th 19:30

School Life and Education Museum  and the Greek Cultural Institute continue their guided tours of the New Acropolis Museum. The tour will begin at the School Life and Education Museum (23 Tripodon st.)  and we will walk to the Acropolis Museum, having the chance to see it shining illuminated under the Attic sky, a calm afternoon when most visitors will have left.

We will discover, with a different logic, what the New Acropolis Museum has to offer and some of the possibly less known objects that hide, nevertheless, interesting stories.

We will find the answers to questions like:

Was Acropolis always the religious center of Athens?

Was Parthenon the main temple on the Acropolis?

Where is the seventh Caryatid?

What mystery does the Parthenon Frieze hide?

What is the room with the colored statues?



Date: Friday July 7th, 19:30

Start: School Life and Education Museum

Finish: Acropolis Museum


Duration: 1,5 houra

Cost: 10 €

Children until 12 years old: 5 €


Bookings: 210 3250341

Meeting Point:
School Life and Education Museum

23 Tripodon st., Plaka, (nearest metro station Acropolis)


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